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Playbetr: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Sportsbook and Casino

Playbetr: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Sportsbook and Casino

July 14, 2019 2:39 pm,

The licensed cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and Ripple sportsbook and online casino, Playbetr, is the premier destination for crypto gaming. Playbetr is highly rated by users thanks to its wide range of entertainment features, from over 1,000 virtual games to its unique sportsbook experience.


In its young years, Playbetr was founded by a group of casino and sportsbook professionals with a vision to combine the best of cryptocurrency with the casino and sportsbook industry. Cryptocurrency has gained popularity over the past decade, thanks to the fact that transactions are safe, anonymous, and faster than other monetary transfers. Though crypto was initially limited to the Bitcoin, now, there are plenty of different currencies that are supported by Playbetr. The default currency is the PBR, which is more stable than other coins. It’s tied to the USD so that prices won’t fluctuate and affect winnings. Players have an accurate idea of their winnings instead of having to guess or make complex calculations. 

Currency Options

Players aren’t limited to just Bitcoin with Playbetr. The online experience allows you to deposit and withdraw coins from fourteen different currencies. Playbetr is a Bitcoin casino, a Litecoin casino, an Ethereum casino, a Ripple casino, and a Monero casino. Visitors can choose between a Bitcoin sportsbook, Litecoin sportsbook, Ethereum sportsbook, Ripple sportsbook, and Monero sportsbook. In addition to these popular currencies, Players can also use Bitcoin cash, binance coin, dash, pax, usdc, dai, and of course, PBR. No matter which cryptocurrency users prefer, they can be assured that transactions are safe, anonymous, and lightning-fast.

Casino and Sportsbook Software

With its state-of-the-art gaming features, Playbetr was created to provide an online experience that’s rewarding, engaging, and extremely entertaining. The casino features over 1,200 popular games that can be played using safe and anonymous cryptocurrencies. Playbetr offers a Bitcoin casino, Litecoin casino, Ethereum casino, Ripple casino, a Monero casino, and more. There’s blackjack, baccarat, slots, roulette, pai gow, baccarat, video poker, and much more waiting for online betting enthusiasts. What’s more, each roll, hand, or game can be easily verified by the user to ensure the fairness of every round. Online players can also join in a variety of live casino games, including baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and other favorites. 

In addition to a whole treasure trove of virtual and live casino games, Playbetr also has a sportsbook that, with nearly 30,000 monthly in play and prematch markets, sets the bar for the entire crypto betting industry. Despite its young age, Playbetr already has a Bitcoin sportsbook, a Litecoin sportsbook, an Ethereum sportsbook, a Ripple sportsbook, and a Monero sportsbook that are already miles ahead of the competition. Players can also find live sports offerings that have the most markets and the longest time to place a wager of nearly any other online sportsbook. 

Player Rewards

Playbetr has a famously generous rewards program, which offers rebates, benefits, and bonuses that begin with ten free spins and a 100% casino deposit bonus. This means that new players can enjoy full matching for their very first deposit, allowing them to make more of their money. The initial matching is followed by 50%, 25%, and 10% casino bonuses for the next three deposits. New players also immediately start earning status points with their first game, whether they choose the casino or explore the Playbetr Bitcoin sportsbook, Litecoin sportsbook, Ethereum sportsbook, Ripple sportsbook, or Monero sportsbook. These points allow players to bet back and loss back rebates, which can help to mitigate net losses. Playbetr will refund a percentage of a player’s losses and original bet right back to their account. The more a user plays, the more rebates they can claim.  

Affiliate Program

When a player refers friends, family, and followers to Playbetr, they can earn more coin through the platform’s Affiliate Program. Playbetr offers some of the best commission rates in the industry, paying out a higher percentage to loyal players than most of their competitors. Affiliates can seek help attracting new referrals by turning to Playbetr’s experts, who will help to create custom campaigns and banners that are eye-catching and professional and maximize the revenue an Affiliate is able to earn. Once a player is referred, Playbetr treats them as VIP users. Depending on their coin preference, they can play through the Bitcoin casino, Litecoin casino, Ethereum casino, Ripple casino, or Monero casino, and more, or visit live sportsbooks. They’ll receive all of the best benefits that Playbetr has to offer from day one. Affiliates also get to enjoy the VIP experience while taking home lifetime residual commissions thanks to all of the players that they refer. 

Customer Support

Players are drawn to Playbetr in part thanks to their unparalleled customer support department. Users can reach a representative 24/7 using live chat for an instant response, or through email. Support is also available in a number of languages in addition to English to assist users living worldwide. Agents are highly trained and capable of dealing with just about any user issue that might arise. However, for complex or advanced problems, a manager is always on standby to assist in any way that they can. Most customers need to speak to the Playbetr support department rarely thanks to the site’s user-friendly interface, but when they do, people are impressed with the help that they receive. What’s more, each day, Playbetr strives to improve the customer support experience using invaluable feedback

Playbetr: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Sportsbook and Casino
Playbetr: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Sportsbook and Casino

Playbetr is a highly recommended online cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and Ripple sportsbook and casino that’s suitable for players ranging from novice to expert. The platform aims to combine the very best in cryptocurrency with the online casino and sportsbook industry. The interface is user-friendly, while transactions are safe, secure, and anonymous. Playbetr features the very best in both virtual and live games, including tournaments, jackpots, and more. There are plenty of ways for players to earn, including generous VIP bonuses and an unbeatable Affiliate Program. With all of its top-of-the-line features, Playbetr truly offers the best in online gaming. Go to today to give it a try.