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Phoneum: Mining made easy.

Phoneum: Mining made easy.

May 18, 2018 10:12 am,

Phoneum is the decentralized Cryptocurrency that provides access to mining for those mobile users that are non-technical. This is basically the blockchain structure that delivers mobile-only mining solution and simplified user interface which does not require any technical knowledge or skill. It assists people to enter the crypto world without any hurdle and make earnings.

In today’s economy, Cryptocurrencies are skyrocketing in value at an exponential rate. The complexity of mining costs makes it nearly impossible for people to understand or enter the Cryptocurrency world. So for this, there comes the Phoneum, a revolutionary new and easy way for any smart mobile device owner to join and begin mining, sending and receiving digital Cryptocurrency.

The app for this can be downloaded on Google play or Apple app store.  This app includes a build in a minor crypto wallet. It is a fast and peer to peer network and because of its simplicity, Phoneum has potential to reach mass adoption. Through this mobile app users can easily spend and exchange tokens, engage in mining to manage transaction volume.

Some features of Phoneum are:-                                                                   

  • It enables free peer to peer transactions for mobile users.
  • It is an end to end mobile only mining Cryptocurrency.
  • Phoneum has the internal sensor to monitor device temperature and ensure that it does not overheat, it prevents the device from damaging.
  • It uses PHM token for everyday purchases and payment.
  • The app can be easily downloaded in android as well as Apple mobile devices.
  • It is a blend of proof of work (PoW) and proof of time (PoT). This combination ensures all miners are rewarded for their participation and contribution to network growth.

This platform uses PHM token that is a functional utility token providing access to platform functions, premium content, incentives, and rewards. PHM is non-refundable token.

The working of Phoneum mobile app:-

  • Download the mobile app from android or apple phone.
  • Create an account or sign in with social media account.
  • Tap on the “start mining” button to begin mining and to start earning the token.