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Paypie – The first Blockchain-based risk scoring algorithm

Paypie – The first Blockchain-based risk scoring algorithm

September 20, 2017 6:36 am,


PayPie is the complete answer to the unreliability of the fractured system with its exclusive risk algorithm. This algorithm is based on blockchain decentralized multiple entry accounting, which assurances that the risk score is 100% precise and fraud-proof.

PayPie is generating the first decentralized accounting platform for trade. The platform will give real-time visions into financial data to attain 100% exactitude in the credit risk score algorithm. This will explain the ultimate problem of deception and contradictions existing in the risk score market by providing a new and conclusive way to conduct a study. This study will be done using a single register approach and will consider trades all-time past economic data to safeguard and alter the way credit risk is assessed with consistent results by investors, depositors, banks and other financial organizations while building an entire blockchain-backed accounting ecosystem

Paypie – esquema

The blockchain based single ledger accounting solution is working to open an abundance of chances for millions of trades worldwide. PayPie will offer a troublesome environment, which will be helpful to the outmoded accounting workflow & process.

PayPie platform is formed for members of the advancing & risk management & mitigation industry to get real-time credit risk analytics on a trade and the core advantage to its users will be the capacity to confirm the full real-time financials of a company, which was not conceivable so far.

Various first chances initiate is:

Insurers – Sell insurance products to trades

Introductory peer-to-peer advancing openings too small businesses.

Acclaim openings for banks, financial institutions, depositors, invoice factoring companies

3rd-party financial audit & review data, accounting companies, and Governments.

The PPP Token

PPP Token is the efficacy token which offers access to the PayPie platform for confident transactions and services. Paypie will compromise PPP Token during crowd sale. PPP will be used to access definite services on the PayPie platform, including the obtaining of invoices, contact to credit histories of SMEs, access to PayPie Marketplace, the Risk Score Algorithm analysis, the financial audit of SMEs, and access the API. The final total amount of tokens cast is 110,000,000. The crowd sale will be the chief and only time that we will mint PPP tokens ever. The only currency acknowledged in the crowd sale will be ETH.

Token crowd sale

The PPP token crowd sale will start on October 15th, until November 15th, and will be the only time that investors and people will be capable to buy PPP tokens ever. The Maximum Total Token Amount Keen for Crowdsale is 82,500,000 PPP. The rest is set aside for the team and reserve for the platform itself. If maximum Token Crowd sale volume is not completely sold, the outstanding will be owed to platform reserves and used consequently when needed. No additional tokens will ever be issued. The value is 1 PPP = 0.0011 ETH .

By currently over 50% of the platform is already constructed, which understands the whole end-user accounting part of PayPie. The PayPie platform is arranged to be formally launched in the first quarter of 2018. For more details, you can see its Paypie .