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Payfrit, get food at your seat.

Payfrit, get food at your seat.

November 29, 2017 6:57 am,

Payfrit RMS came into being as an intermediary wherein an individual can order food and request service at your favorite desired location.

The platform hands over the power of the POS straight into the customer’s hand, on his very cell phone replacing a central kiosk or a grungy tablet mounted at the table. In doing so, customers never have to wait for a server again.

The process goes like:

  • Simply open the Payfrit app.
  • Browse through the menus.
  • Chat with any hostess.
  • Instantly order off all your food and drinks.
  • Request all your services.
  • Pay your check right away through the phone.

In short, all of the capabilities from the location to food to payment, all at once, on your smartphone, with no need of tracking down any server.

The merits of this platform include:

  • Incredibly fast service– All the orders and services requested is immediately served by the first available employee.
  • Chat support– Any question regarding the menu or the restaurant? Click on tap to chat and get your queries resolved.
  • Call server feature– If you wish to communicate directly to an employee, you just need to single tap to request a server at your table.
  • Simple separate checks– Under this system, you can be able to separate all your guest checks by default. You can easily combine these if need be.

Let’s now study Payfrit from the perspective of FOH/BOH:

  • Shorter wait times:  Any employee now has the ability to service any customer need as long as they are rated for a particular task.
  • Fair compensation: The platform’s breakthrough Activity Based Compensation allows the staff to be directly rewarded by being more efficient.
  • Efficiency is rewarded: A Payfrit restaurant has a smaller staff that handles customer needs much more efficiently with the same tip pool and fewer employees.

You can also connect any person running late to join your gang and let him order through his Payfrit app. The app removes all the “interruptive” communication with the staff.

The same Payfrit app that the customers use for table service also handles incoming orders for takeaway and delivery. Fast food, drive-thru, and food trucks are used to seamlessly carry out the delivery transactions. The team also proposes to introduce a “schedule ahead” dine-in feature that helps boost the business hours of any eatery.

Dine-in table service, scheduled dine-in, takeaway, and delivery: single app to bear all your food tantrums.

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Make your inner foodie feel alright all through your smartphone.