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P2P Solutions Foundation: communications with blockchain technology

P2P Solutions Foundation: communications with blockchain technology

June 29, 2018 5:13 am,

P2P solutions foundation is an independent body governed by the foundation council. It has been authorized to create a worldwide network of digital services that encompasses an alternative working model to the traditional models of peer-to-peer networks.

Everyone has various amounts of data to be stored. The corporate world also needs to store a massive amount of data of all kinds which requires high security and confidentiality. So P2P is introduced as the world’s first blockchain powered digital communication platform designed for everyone with the need to securely store and exchange sensitive digital data. P2P is decentralized, secure and peer to peer communication system platform that uses blockchain technology. Basically, P2P divides your files into many small parts each of which is distributed on multiple node terminals as a backup, so there is no possibility to be hacked.

P2P is the part of in your business ecosystem, the base layer of which is created in the ethereum network. A token would be needed by any participant who wishes to use the offers of suppliers registered in P2Ps ecosystem. P2Ps marker will be the only way to purchase products and services of sellers in the platform ecosystem.

P2P token is an ERC20 crypto token and a smart contract system build on ethereum blockchain.  When you buy P2P token, you invest directly in the new economy created. Collecting P2P tokens promotes the growth of an economic ecosystem that is built around the platform.

Acquiring P2P involves various risks. P2P may not be able to launch its operations and develop its platform.

P2P can be purchased during the crowd sale directly from the foundation or after the crowd sale at the foundation or exchange.