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Oyster, web storage against the complexities of ads.

Oyster, web storage against the complexities of ads.

January 10, 2018 6:30 am,

Before we get into prices and trends of the PRL tokens, the tokens of the Oyster Web Storage platform lets look into some facts of what the platform is all about.

The Oyster Protocol is a true two-birds- one-stone proposition. The Protocol introduces a radically different and parallel approach to getting content publishers and content consumers to reach equilibrium and cooperation.

In easy words, the website visitors give away a part of their CPU and GPU power to enable the user’s files to be stored in the decentralized data storage ledger. In return, these users indirectly pay the website owners for the management and maintenance of their data.

These Oyster Pearls that is the PRL tokens are Ethereum blockchain supported and function via the smart contracts. The storage ledger, here, is the IOTA tangle.



Some merits of the platform are:

  • It is accessible anywhere and at any anytime.
  • Protocol-centric development.
  • Accessibility is decentralized.
  • Intrinsic Storage-Pegged Value
  • Open Source
  • Extendable & Auditable
  • Zero Knowledge
  • Anonymous Storage
  • Treasure Hunting Algorithm
  • Dual Ledger Integration
  • Robust, Redundant Data Storage

PRL is the economic bridge between content publishers, content consumers, storage providers, and storage consumers.

Its sale has been closed. And as on today (9th January 2018) PRL’s current market price is USD 3.46 and it is ranked at 196 amongst all cryptocurrencies.

The market cap of this token is USD 110.1 M. Also, the total volume in past 24 hours has been at USD 8.63 M.

With this market cap and without any major announcements, PRL still has the potential to explode, especially when it’s listed on larger exchanges.

PRL tokens are available for trade on the following exchanges:

  1. KuCoin
  2. Ether Delta

So why you should buy PRL?

  • Solves a mass consumer problem with two existing technologies, IOTA and Ethereum.
  • High volume compared to market cap, which is a good sign for growth.