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OSA DC shaping the way world looks at AI

OSA DC shaping the way world looks at AI

August 9, 2018 9:32 am,

OSA DC is a decentralized marketplace providing solutions to manufacturers, retailers, and consumers using artificial intelligence. OSA was established in the year 2015. The core team consisting of Maximillian Musselius, Bong Kyu Park, Esther Katz, Maria Flemming, Alex Isaiev, Mickey Choi.

OSA Decentralized provides various services for the largest manufacturers like Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, Metro many more big brands. After the development in partnership with ECR organization which unites almost 70 retailers and manufacturers who are the pioneers, OSA DC has achieved a lot in a very little time span. From introducing its beta version in 2015, testing new machine learning protocols, external POC in 2016, developing image recognition models for over 300 products in 2017 and as of 2017 and blockchain testing in 2018 OSA DC has come a very long way.

Availability of Optimal shelf is one of the biggest problems in the consumer retail, leading to loss of 400 billion dollars worth sale per year of manufacturers as well as retailers. This is caused due to the inefficiency of business processes’ in the supply chain as well as in retail stores. OSA HP is integrated with big data system of the retail chains participating and further combines machine learning as well as optical recognition technologies to generate alerts to in-store staff every time the algorithms discover that there may be problems with availability of optimal shelf of products that are being distributed by the OSA DC clients. OSA DC encourages consumers to share as well as generate consumer data that enables the manufacturers to produce products that are better in quality thus improving the business processes and delivering better services. Consumers are provided with OSA Coins which provides with a wide range of facilities like the purchase of products. In such a short time span OSA Hybrid Platform has signed over $2.5 million worth

Service agreement. The Hybrid Platform integrates with about 2,500 shops and plans to expand to about 28,000 retail stores alone in Russia by the year 2019.