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OSA: A Solution for out of stock

OSA: A Solution for out of stock

May 29, 2018 10:44 am,

Optimal Shelf Availability Decentralized Platform, also known as OSA DC is the first artificial intelligence and decentralized platform which solves the biggest problem of retailers that is of out of stock. It takes the JUST IN TIME approach and aims to solve the major challenges retailers’ face that is of distrust and lack of transparency that infects the supply chain industry. OSA was successfully established in 2015. It provides services for world-leading consumer product retail and manufacturers, including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, L’Oreal, and many more.

Optimal shelf availability refers to the immediate availability of all the relevant goods on a retailer’s shelves at any moment in time. It is the biggest problem in global consumer retail, costing manufacturers and retailers 400 billion dollars in lost sales per year. If consumers don’t find their item in store there lays more chances that they may shift to substitute, buy a similar item from a different brand, delay their purchases, or don’t buy the item at all. So to solve these issue of retailers and manufacturers and serve the consumers to the best Russia developed this solution of OSA DC, which takes the transaction data from the retailers and apply the machine learning algorithm which supplied consumers with the information of products they purchased in a very easy to use formats so that they can make intelligent choices and decisions.

Consumers will be rewarded by OSA Coins for generated data and will have a wide range of possibilities to use OSA Coins, including the purchase of consumer products.

This platform deals in OSA token which is an ERC20 based standard token.

Benefits to OSA stakeholders are:-


  • Enhanced product display and verification.
  • Improved consumer loyalty to reduce brand switching.
  • Reduce stock-outs to increase sales and profits.


  • Less out-of-stock inventory results in more sales.
  • Increased shopper loyalty, less shopper switch, and increased customer volume.
  • Cost optimization and ROI improvement.


  • Consumers don’t face the problem of out of stock making shopping very comfortable and less costly.