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Opera adding cryptocurrency wallet on desktop browser

Opera adding cryptocurrency wallet on desktop browser

August 13, 2018 5:48 am,

Browser company Opera has become the first major browser to install a cryptocurrency wallet. This move will eliminate the need to include third-party applications or extensions. The desktop wallet of Opera will support Ethereum cryptocurrency, its tokens, and collectibles. It will synchronize with the cryptocurrency wallet which is integrated into the Android version of Opera.

Using the smartphone’s inbuilt fingerprint reader, the user will be able to send payments, which eliminates the need to type long passcodes that come with a threat of being compromised. Passcodes and Passphrases can be forgotten by the user. They can be stolen easily. The biometric approach, although is not perfect at least in theory, more secure and less liable to result in irretrievable coins. This approach tends to secure the process and is less predisposed to result in irretrievable coins. In doing so, Opera has adopted an interesting approach to security.

Opera EVP of Browsers, Krystian Kolondra, said in a statement: “After making crypto payments smooth and easy on mobile, we wanted to find the perfect solution for PCs.” She further added to this saying “We realized the best way is to utilize our new mobile crypto wallet technology and to give our PC users access to it.”

Opera, as reported by Nextweb, has placed its bet on the success of blockchain and other distributed apps to become mainstream and with the development of this new feature. Secure cryptographic keys associated with funds and other assets are stored on the user’s smartphone and allow easy facilitation of connecting the mobile wallet to the desktop browser by a mere QR code scan.

Speaking of future plans, Kolondra said: “Our next aim is to make crypto-integration mainstream. We all believe that blockchain technology has a lot of power to transform the web of tomorrow and expect it to make a big difference in the years in the field of cryptocurrency.”