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Openpoll: An innovative way of polling

Openpoll: An innovative way of polling

April 27, 2018 6:22 am,

Openpoll is the world first blockchain polling platform.  It interrupts the polling and market research industries through this blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency, assisting in more accurate polls, representing more individuals, and providing better political and business insights.

Openpoll allows politicians and corporations to conduct polls and surveys through the international Openpoll network. On the consumer end, individuals are able to complete detailed surveys quickly and anonymously through a mobile app and are paid for their responses. Openpoll breaks language barriers which have distorted polls for decades, gathering the most accurate and representative data from anywhere in the world, all at a fraction of the cost.

In traditional polling method, the significant concern lies against polling organizations that they were manipulating the polls and were providing inaccurate and biased results. Openpoll came as a solution for this problem.

The Openpoll Platform is a technology that uses blockchain technology to connect researchers directly with respondents, transferring funds directly to respondents, when previously it was spent on intermediaries.

Openpoll is used for various objectives like conducting market research, consumer polling, political polling, or online surveying over current industry players.

The benefits of openpolling are:-

  • Reduction in middleman fees and wages which lead to lower stakeholder cost.
  • The powerful and open source poll creation, management, and analytics platform.
  • Creating poll follow-ups directly to end users.
  • Removing response biases present in traditional polling methods.
  • Electronically targeting the specific geographical areas.

POL token is the token currency of OpenPoll platform. It is a Cryptocurrency used to facilitate transactions within the Openpoll network including network operations and data transmission.

Openpoll brings two new concepts, Proof-of-Identity (PoI) and Proof-of-Identity-Uniqueness (PoIU). A  PoI consists of a feature which represents a person’s physical identity on the other hand Proof-of-Identity-Uniqueness (PoIU) is a proof that one person is unique, no similar person exists in the world