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“OnLive -“Sensation in the gaming world”

“OnLive -“Sensation in the gaming world”

April 12, 2018 7:40 am,

OnLive is the California-based provider of cloud visualization technologies. OnLive’s cloud gaming service, allows subscribers to rent or demo computer games without installing them on their device. Games were delivered to OnLive’s client software as streaming video provided by the service’s servers, rather providing locally by the device. This setup allowed the games to run on computers and devices that would normally be unable to run due to insufficient hardware. It also enabled other features, like players could record gameplay and can watch afterward. The service was available through clients for personal computers and mobile devices, as well as through smart TVs. OnLive also expanded into the cloud desktop market- a subscription service offering a cloud-based instance of Windows Server 2008 R2 accessible via tablets

The OnLive Game System consists of an OnLive Wireless Controller and a console, called the “Micro Console, TV adapter so that it could be connected to a television and directly to the OnLive service, therefore it was possible to use the service without a computer. It comes with the accessories needed to connect the equipment, and composite video users could purchase an additional optional cable as per their convenience. The Micro Console supports up to four wireless controllers and multiple Bluetooth headsets, and also two USB ports for game controllers, keyboards, and USB hubs. For video and audio output it provides components, HDMI, TOSLINK ports, and an analog stereo minijack. An Ethernet port was used for accessing the network, which was required to access the OnLive service. It was successful in the markets because of the steady growth of users, content producers and processing power providers in the biggest markets. The company’s main focus is on scaling the business in the US, UK, Germany, Brazil, Japan, and Russian markets. Expansion of the business depends on the financing to be raised.

It will make the decision about expanding into the markets taking into consideration such metrics as Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Cost of Customer Acquisition (CAC), Recurring Costs of Service (RCS) and time to profit on each of the analyzed markets.