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NKOR – Protecting intellectual property with blockchain

NKOR – Protecting intellectual property with blockchain

January 11, 2018 4:54 am,


Nkor presents something extremely unique to the world of crypto. Working on altering the copyright manufacturing completely. Procedures are to be capable to register, track, and deal out digital data whether it is presently confined under copyright rules or not. Their system is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, which will facilitate an easier tracking and sharing of this digital data all over the world, in one scheme or ledger.

Nkor is the one of the primary, business to be doing this in the field of crypto. This kind of result from Nkor is projected to assist people all around the world, particularly performers, writers and content creators. By having these statistics progressively more obtainable and simple to access, it will be much simpler to be able to track this information or content if it is confined by copyright laws or not.

Nkor is the ticker name for this scheme and it is an ERC223 token. This scheme was started in Gibraltar and still in service from there. They have a total supply of 200,000 tokens and only put up 40,000,000 for sale throughout their mass sale. Their ICO end sale date is programmed for February 4th, 2018 and their token value was set roughly $0.50 USD per Nkor token. Their mass sales only agree to Bitcoin or Ethereum. Tokens are obtainable for sale on their official website.

An innovative blockchain-based technology produced by the company NKOR will support intellectual possessions rights, permits inventors to register and keep their content. The company is functioning to generate a new standard for confirmation and the allocation of digital data by validating the data and time-stamping the procedure.