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Neufund partners with Ledger to create security token platform

Neufund partners with Ledger to create security token platform

December 11, 2018 5:12 am,

Neufund has entered into the partnership with Ledger to launch a secure Blockchain Platform which will facilitate users to manage their real-world security tokens. The security tokens are generally the digital assets that are backed by real assets such as artworks, shares, bonds, etc. those who hold these tokens get paid on the basis of the performance of their underlying assets.

Neufund is a Germany based end- to end security token platform. It enhances the real world assets with legally enforceable security tokens on the Blockchain, while Ledger is a France based manufacturer of hardware wallets for Cryptocurrencies.

This partnership will integrate the Neufund issued digital assets based on ERC20 with a developing ledger application. It will enable users to manage real-world assets on the Blockchain and create the safest user experience for investors. ERC 20 integration will be in Ledger’s new desktop application, “Ledger Live”, which will allow users to manage any tokens issued using Neufund’s protocol and platform. Users can manage their Neufund account through ledger wallets. Currently, the ledger hardware wallets are the safest way to set up and manage investments conducted through Neufund’s set of protocol.

This functionality will target high-level investors.

Both these partners are also looking forward to organizing an “open legal technical hackathon” in Paris to explore even more solutions for managing tokenized crypto assets.

Neufund will also be launching its own security token offerings (STO) in December itself.