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Neluns, the new face of cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Neluns, the new face of cryptocurrency ecosystem.

August 8, 2018 9:24 am,

Neluns ecosystem offers a broad range of facilities to its private as well as corporate customers. The transactions executed in Neluns bank are either cryptocurrency or in fiat. This ecosystem offers a broad range of services like insurance, exchange cryptocurrency; issuing debit and credit cards etc.

Started in November 2017 Neluns has launched its IOS Beta testing application and has prepared NLS tokens for sale. It also plans to obtain a license for the Neluns bank and enable payment service for converting the cryptocurrency and execution of the transfer funds. By 2020 Neluns plan to launch fully-fledged ecosystem.

The Neluns ecosystem comprises of Neluns bank, Neluns exchange, and Neluns insurance. The Neluns bank provides with facilities like immediate fund transfer, a deposit of fiat and cryptocurrency, provision of credit and debit cards etc. which encourages more investment in it.

The Neluns exchange enables easy withdrawal of funds, high-speed transaction, cyber security and much more. Neluns exchange is based on the principles of bank guarantee, increasing the quality exchange of cryptocurrency.

Neluns insurance is one of the major pillars of this ecosystem which has made Neluns stand apart in this cryptocurrency market. The Neluns insurance provides trade and transaction insurance as well as protection from a technical issue. Fund transfer, trading cryptocurrencies and sending payments can be done from the ATMs issued by the multicurrency accounts.

NLS token is also one of the features that Neluns provides its customer with it is a security token, the profits that are generated by the Neluns ecosystem are quarterly distributed to the token holders which are proportional to the number of tokens that are held by the user.