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Neluns Presents Revolutionary Financial Ecosystem

Neluns Presents Revolutionary Financial Ecosystem

August 6, 2018 5:52 am,

Neluns is a revolutionary financial ecosystem, which provides incredible capacity to growth of the cryptocurrency market. Neluns offers users a broad range of traditional banking services, aimed at quelling the financial needs of personal and corporate goals. While at the same time, they make available operations with fiat money and cryptocurrencies. The main advantage of Neluns is a real bank licensed and ready to work, providing possibility to operate with fiat and cryptocurrencies. Neluns have a real strong base which will help them to replace the Bitcoin.

We live in the century of computer technologies and rapid development of cryptocurrency market. The main goal of the Neluns financial ecosystem which includes a Bank, a cryptocurrency Exchange and an Insurance company is to improve traditional banking services and cryptocurrency market and to combine them into one system

The Neluns system is comprised of these elements:

  • Neluns Bank is the implementation of tomorrow’s banks functionality that easily handles both fiat and cryptocurrencies
  • Neluns Exchange is the module developed using the latest technology to increase the security and speed of the cryptocurrency trade operations process
  • Neluns Insurance part of the system could be used to insure all or some of the user transactions within the ecosystem

The system features highlights:

  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a few clicks.
  • Quick and cost effective cryptocurrencies exchange
  • Funds withdrawal and deposits from anywhere you go with an App
  • Option to open a private or corporate IBAN Accounts supporting multicurrency
  • Visa, MC, Amex debit and credit cards can be issued and linked to the multicurrency account in the system
  • International money transfers can be sent and received from within the system
  • Make interest yielding deposits in fiat or cryptocurrencies
  • Obtain loans from Neluns in fiat and cryptocurrencies
  • Earn interest on lending to other users via P2P (Peer-to-peer) Lending Platform
  • Trade NLS tokens on currency exchanges and draw profits
  • Insure any trades
  • Earn dividends
  • Active market participants will be able to increase their profits and lower risk levels.

The Neluns Company’s founders are professionals with extensive experience in banking and business development. While they were working in the U.S. largest banks they faced many imperfections of the traditional banking services in conjunction with Blockchain. It was the very first thing that led them to create their own new generation financial ecosystem deprived of shortcomings.

Neluns bank presents a broad spectrum of services for personal and corporate goals. While at the same time, all operations are conducted in fiat and in cryptocurrencies. After opening a multicurrency account, Neluns users will be able to carry out operations in USD, EUR, GBR, as well as in cryptocurrencies. A bank card will accompany the multicurrency account.

The product line consists of the bank cards the associated software products. The following products are available for both retail and corporate clients: Lite, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Carrying out payments, purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies, and fund withdrawals from any ATM in the world will be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Unlike the competition that is often based on a legacy technology with the external cryptocurrency modules the Neluns financial ecosystem architecture is designed keeping in mind the synergies between fiat and cryptocurrencies. Using the multicurrency account the traditional retail bank operations are fully supported to make purchases, send payments or withdraw cash from an ATM. The same account is used to trade cryptocurrencies, obtain a loan from the system at a lower than a market rate, earn interest by extending a secured loan to another user of the system or place funds into the interest yielding savings account  (it doesn’t matter which one – it could be crypto or classic currency or a mix).

In the Neluns Bank, users will be able to receive loans in fiat and cryptocurrencies, make interest yielding deposits. Bank deposits are FDIC (The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) insured. A P2P fiat and cryptocurrency lending platform will function at the base of Neluns Bank. Authorized users will be able to receive and provide loans to other users.

A unique and user-friendly application for iOS and Android devices will make bank and exchange operations accessible at any time from any part of the world. While around the clock support services will instantly solve all users’ issues.

The NLS token serves as a security token of the Neluns ecosystem and all the profits of the Neluns ecosystem are quarterly distributed to NLS token holders in proportion to the number of tokens held. NLS token holders will receive 50% of the profit. The token holders will also have other advantages like additional bonuses and discounts while using the platform. The Neluns Company (U.S.) plans conduct an IPO (Inicial Public Offering) on New York Stock Exchange.

The price of NLS token is expected to rise as the Neluns ecosystem grows which will allow the token holders to receive additional profits. More information about the platform and the ongoing pre-sale can be found at

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