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Modulum, the first, most miniature and modular IoT device.

Modulum, the first, most miniature and modular IoT device.

December 15, 2017 7:09 am,

Here’s how Modulum cracks a deal-

  1. Have an awesome idea? If you ever dreamed of the ideal IoT device for your application, the platform is exactly what you need. No more issues relating to proprietary technologies, restrictive software, and research and development costs. Hassle free device designed for you!
  2. You can customize your Modulum: It is easy to assemble the Modulum that fits your needs. All you need to do is select its processing power, communication protocol, sensors, power supply and design. The available modules can be added to or removed from your Modulum at any time, according to your needs and the evolution of your application.
  3. Develop your Modulum: Code your most innovative application using the scripting language and the platform’s available API and the embedded software will take care of everything else for you. From sensor data to blockchain transactions, the limit is your imagination.
  4. You can use it or market it: This platform gives you the opportunity to sell new products or services, or to simply use it in-house. The platform supports you from the emergence of your idea to its mass-production.

The hardware modularity is as follows:

  • Core
  • Communication
  • Sensors
  • Power supply
  • Design

Ethereum, IOTA, Multichain are a few blockchains which the platform is looking forward to integrating during its initial stages of development.

Network Integration:

Modulum devices join as a node in an already existing blockchain network. Like any other IoT device, you can still create gateways to classic web services.

There are three distinct ways for network integration:

Method 1: Join an existing network

Method 2: Build your own network

Method 3: Use web services only

The company recently also pulled back its fundraising ICO and decided to relaunch it in the future. They reached a consensus as to relaunch its funding once their project is complete, and they are able to provide the investors a package, that is both attractive for its technological aspects, and for its financial benefits.

Token details are as follows:

Token Symbol: MDL

Token Standard: ERC20

Price ratio: 1 ETH= 300 MDL

Total supply: 35,100,000 MDL

Soft cap:7000 ETH

Hard cap: 68000 ETH


Its applications are varied and are listed below:

  • Supply chain
  • Smart city and infrastructure
  • Industry 4.0
  • Energy distribution
  • Wallet and identity
  • Devices interoperability
  • Connected swimming pools
  • M2M transactions
  • Indoor air quality analysis
  • Blockchain nodes
  • Smart lock
  • Weather station

Two products designed by the team are: Core and add-ons prototypes and Assembled Modulum prototype.

More than a concept, it is indeed a real product.