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Modern Value Chain of Sellers, Advertisers and Consumers Lacks the Market Opportunity

Modern Value Chain of Sellers, Advertisers and Consumers Lacks the Market Opportunity

April 4, 2018 9:50 am,

The market for advertising is worth about USD600bln.Unfortunately, today it is entirely broken. It is full of intermediaries who take money for business promotion but do not guarantee any success. World famous advertising companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google demand huge fees from businesses to find customers for them. At the same time,  even paying large amounts, businesses are not guaranteed to succeed. It is known that about 50% of all ads traffic is generated by bots that defeat the aim of advertising. One more well-known fact is that the more business has to pay for the ads, the more end users have to pay for the products they purchase. As a result, businesses lose money and users spend more than they can. Hugeon line companies specializing in advertising miss their market opportunities, too. They have no motivation for optimizing the value chain consisting of seller sand consumers. What they actually do is to maximize their own profits through increased rates for placing ads.

Global Markets are known to require such Solutions That Could Guarantee Consumer Privacy. Personal Data is Valuable and cannot be Provided for Free. One more problem that arises in relation to online advertising is related to regulatory pressure on protecting consumer privacy. Recent changes to the Privacy Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union (EU) emphasize the occurring trend of governments that force technology companies to provide consumer privacy by design. Short History of Advertising: Markets That Suppress Innovation Are Always Sensible to Technology-Based

Decentralized Search Ecosystem Offered by XSEARCH’s Understands Incomparable Market Efficiency Through the Customer-to-Business Value Chain Support of distributed, a customer-based set of customer activities on blockchain allows achieving the vision of a decentralized search. XSEARCH use son line data that is collected in an anonymized activity ledger, profiles and preferences directly posted and maintained by customers to create a token-based ecosystem meant for demand-driven marketing and retail with a low barrier to entry for all parties. The strength soft raditional online advertising is utilized by this ecosystem. It also eliminates an ability to produce and share user data. Using examples The potential of application created on our XSEARCH platform are significant. To emphasize the XSEARCH architecture and potential advantages, we show ever all cases of using examples. We also provide a detailed case study in the automotive sales retail space, with mixed offline and online components. We chose use cases based on the “cost-per-click” data that complies with the amount a business pays Google each time when a user clicks on their ad 5.

We defined the most expensive keywords including “lawyer”, “degree”, and “insurance”. They cost $40-50per click, and it does not depend on who clicks or whether they are interested in the business. Every example is then formed around the principle idea that collecting personal information is essential for high quality targeted offers. Personal information can be provided to XSEARCH in many different ways including the user’s registration and as search requests. That is why we emphasize the anonymization roles, customer consent, and data protection.

Then ext stage in the development of advertising is entirely evolutional. Blockchain is a powerful technology that makes it possible for two or more parties that distrust each other to make a mutually advantageous transaction without any requirements of a central authority. We are sure that a system based on blockchain is perfectly suited to enable businesses and customers to directly contact each other on a mutually beneficial market through a promotion and purchase chain. Ad centralized search is one more step in advertising as an intermediary for people and businesses that need to connect. XSEARCH uses these efficient design models for businesses and customers to get engaged in creating value. Today’s advertising is ready for a technology-enabled breakout. XSEARCH provides

  1. Searches in larged at assets,
  2. The motivation for participating in the advertising market, and
  3. Customer anonymity and data privacy.