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Mobius – Linking all developer to the Blockchain

Mobius – Linking all developer to the Blockchain

December 8, 2017 10:05 am,


Mobius shuts the space between the internet world and blockchain world all the way through innovative and straightforward protocols that set up new standards for cross-blockchain login, expense, supremacy, and oracles.

MobiusNetwork is the formation of smart market protocol which will make effortless business and promotion of services and data among numerous parties in an auction like system. One of the use cases of the smart market protocol is computerized bidding and selling data feeds impending in from IoT devices by means of smart contracts. The IoT devices use case is similar (not completely) to IOTA, even though the completion is entirely dissimilar.

Mobius secures the break between the internet world and blockchain world in the course of modern and effortless protocols that initiate innovative principles for cross-blockchain login, compensation, authority, and visions.


Mobius is constructing modern and easy cross-blockchain protocols. That will join millions of citizens and plans for the blockchain ecosystem.

Dapp store
Mobius is making a trouble-free to make use of Decentralized App (DApp) Store that will disintermediate and distribute the $6.3 trillion 2021 App financial system.

The MOBI powers the Mobius Network and makes easy value transport. Decentralized society supremacy, and vested stake based standing systems and oracles.


The Mobiusprotocols permit developers to effortlessly put into practice and maintain advanced decentralized blockchain features such as token expenditure, login, governance, and oracles.

The MOBI protocol APIs work transversely all blockchains. And unite the internet world to the blockchain ecosystem so developers only have to discover and sustain one standard.

Mobius be concerned about safety so developers do not have to by necessitate SSL and encryption all through the Network and using cold storage with multi-signature wallets.