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MeeTip – OutMySphere : the international development

MeeTip – OutMySphere : the international development

January 15, 2018 5:44 am,

The MeeTip project raised an international fundraising amounting to € 3,226,597. This amount will allow the company to overcome the development of its mobile application OutMySphere and the spread of its cryptocurrency MeeTip. The MeeTip is a rising cryptocurrency that currently circulates in a closed circuit but will soon be the subject of a public quotation on exchanges.
For noninitiates, OutMySphere is a mobile application used as an icebreaker in your social interactions (you can find more information on
Partnerships are already being finalized with dating sites so that the MeeTip will be used as a means of payment.
The MeeTip will become the reference cryptocurrency not only for dating sites but also social networks.
It will be first used in bars in France, Russia, Armenia and Angola to pay for glasses and tip the employee of your choice.
These kinds of partnerships will be developed more widely in other countries. Discussions are also underway in the hotel business with the famous site Booking.

In a completely different field, the Tournai Football Club (RFCT) in Belgium, chose the MeeTip for the future sales of its football players. The US Marquette club in France has closely followed RFCT’s footsteps .
In terms of rugby, the club of Roubaix, second club in the Hauts de France region in France has chosen to pay players in MeeTip and collect contributions in MeeTip also.

All of these sport clubs explain that it will save time and costs for all.

Finally, a word from the CEO of the MeeTip project, Tigran Arakelian shows his appreciation to the investors and the community who believe in his project. He feels confident for further development and does not hide his enthusiasm for the idea of achieving all the goals set.

The team as a whole is counting on a rise in the value of the MeeTip in support of announcement
of future prospects.

If you have not bet on the MeeTip this may be the last moment to do it !