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Major Reasons Why People Don’t Invest

Major Reasons Why People Don’t Invest

April 4, 2019 3:20 pm,

Although investment is an enjoyable activity to some people, other people are still trapped in the valley of decisions confused on whether to lay down their treasures or forget about any kind of investment. To be a successful investor, you must cultivate a high-level discipline where you deny yourself some goodies for the sake of the future.

That denial is not sweet and many prefer using their money for the current need, pleasure, and comfort rather than for the future need that will arise. People have multiple reasons why they don’t invest all based on their perspective and look of things. Here are some of the reasons many people find it hard to invest even in the simplest kind of investment:

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  1. Poor timing

Of course, anyone who is not prepared to invest will always say that the timing for a certain investment is not proper. That makes them keep postponing their investment to an extent that they no longer get the right timing to do a certain investment. Well, investments have timings but you should discern the best time to inject your resources.

  1. Lack of capital

This has become the song of our millennials especially when they are confronted with the question of why they are not investing. One thing that you should know as an investor is that money will never be enough and saving until you get the amount you need, can be tricky sometimes. This is where you start with the little you have and keep growing. In platforms like Investors Hangout, you can get what to start with your little sum of money.

  1. Doubts on the outcomes

You will never see the future of a certain investment until you dash away doubts and embrace faith in that investment. Although there are predictions of how a certain stock or any kind of investment will be performing in the next 5 years; just develop some trust in the outcomes and start investing. Comparing the previous and the current performance of an investment in places like Investors Hangout can enable you to get some confidence.

  1. Self-reliance

In investment, no matter how much you love being independent, you cannot make without reading the views of others. This is where joining discussions in Investors Hangout can do you great gain for you will know what to invest in and what to avoid. No one is an island when it comes to investment.

  1. Being confused about who to trust

In our digital era, it has become rampant to have a novice calling themselves experts in financial matters. There are a lot of fake and counterfeits but that doesn’t mean that there are no genuine ones. Don’t be confused about whom to trust anymore; join forums like Investors Hangout and you will know the good from the bad.


Besides the above reasons, there is a feeling of incompetency that engulfs the mind of many people and makes them view as if the goals of the investment company are not aligning with theirs. In that case, they get confused about where to start and end up not investing. Carrying research and being part of genuine forums will boost your confidence to invest.