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Loomia, fabricating smart products for your comfort.

Loomia, fabricating smart products for your comfort.

November 28, 2017 5:46 am,

Initially started as a studio named The Crated, Loomia came into being when the team noticed there was a pressing need for fabric-based, scalable, wearable products that brands and manufacturers could easily incorporate, and set out to build out a library of IP and supply chain partners.

Loomia now works as a platform, for delivering such products to varied brands across industries. Basically, it is a technology-oriented company which forges innovation into building smart products with the help of blockchain technology, secured and safe. In this process, it connects consumers and companies into a mutually benefitted undertaking and results into a successful exchange transaction.

The team is inclusive of engineers, designers, and C-level executives across industries.

Some key features of this platform include:

  • It integrates smoothly and continuously with any of your chosen material.
  • Its IP extends to several areas like flexible apparel-friendly connectors, components, stretchy direct-to-textile conductive inks, custom battery form factors, and e-patterned materials.
  • The platform creates use cases and produces smart fabric panels that manufacturers or brands can inculcate into their product and annex profound value to it without letting go of in-style component.

Some more learning here:

Currently, some of the options available in the market are conductive inks, flex PCBs, and wire-based ribbons. Various drawbacks attached to it are rigidity, design-limiting, bulky, film-based, etc. To counter these, the company has announced a market solution namely Loomia Electronic Layer (LEL). LEL is a soft flexible circuit with the ability to sense changes in its environment such as heat and touch that can be embedded into textiles.

The main applications of the platform include providing-

  • Heating: This feature can be integrated into shoes, garments, seats to name a few. The products remain washable, sewable and ultrathin.
  • Lighting: This feature can be used for high-visibility safety applications and can be spread through more commercial uses.
  • Sensing: Touch sensitive fabrics feature can be applied as interfaces, sensors and more. It has most usage in the automotive, interiors, industrial as well as garment industries.

The advantages to visionary brands integrating with this platform are:

  • Safe and complaint by design: They are ISO certified and OSHA approved and the materials are washer and dryer safe.
  • Wearable solutions: They are not just fabric but are engineered for truly magical user experiences.
  • Ready to integrate: With the integration, the products are built in a way so as to prepare them for an undeviating market presence.

The Loomia tile is considered as the token of this community. Primarily, this tile is a hardware device that transforms clothes into data-collecting and identity tools. It works in parallel with the LEL. Under this tile, users can transport their data to a desktop application that allows management of and selling this particular data to market researchers and professionals. This app is absolutely serverless and leverages the blockchain for data integrity and safety reasons.

For more details:

In short, the mentioned tile gives individuals and participants the right to own their personal data alongside freedom to choose how to share or sell it.


Tech weaved straight into clothes.