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LMAX Exchange Group Institutional Traders with Cryptocurrency

LMAX Exchange Group Institutional Traders with Cryptocurrency

May 22, 2018 6:03 am,

Showing institutional investors to cryptocurrency instability is always a gamble. The actual request for this degree of publicity is not the same as the general notice in such features. Both CME and CBoE found that out first hand over the past few months. Later a very slow surprise to Bitcoin futures trading, it seems the volume is picking up a bit lately.

LMAX Exchange Group is attempting to propose a different method. They will emphasis on the liquid well-known cryptocurrencies. This list comprises of Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Transaction of these currencies will be accessible on a 24/7 basis through the LMAX Digital platform. These new service goals to function as a reliable and efficient platform where cryptocurrencies can be operated among like-minded investors. LMAX Exchange Group CEO David Mercer explains:

“We are advancing the legitimization of the cryptocurrency market by proposing institutions a platform on which to obtain, trade and hold cryptocurrencies firmly with high quality, deep liquidity.”

Are Institutional Investors a Worthwhile Target?

On paper, transporting cryptocurrencies to institutional investors can have main consequences. If these depositors take some risks, the value of all maintained cryptocurrencies can skyrocket equally soon. In spite of that appeal, it seems institutional traders have made very little influence on the industry to date.

LMAX Exchange Group is self-assured they can make a big influence. Their LMAX Digital platform will emphasis on offering a full custodian solution and a high quantity. Moreover, traders are likely to complete within microseconds. The company has a track record of being one of the major forex liquidity workers in the world. Whether or not that same label can be completed in the cryptocurrency world, remains to be seen.

It is exciting to note how LMAX Exchange Group imagines a global rollout. The LMAX Digital platform will be set up in the business’s London-based data center. Later on, the organization will make its way to New York and Tokyo as well. Very determined plans, as the impact of institutional dealers on cryptocurrency has yet to be strong-minded at this stage.