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Line Subsidiary’s Blockchain Aims the South Korean Market

Line Subsidiary’s Blockchain Aims the South Korean Market

April 4, 2018 8:10 am,

This innovative method by Line is fascinating to keep an eye on. It has become obvious the chat huge wants to tap new markets to sustain its competitive edge. Blockchain technology seems to be a reasonable fit in this respect. By forming the Unblock secondary, the Japanese huge is making to create its mark on the circulated record industry.

It is the first time the Japanese company has offered into this moderately innovative industry. This is only a part of their two-pronged method. Line will as well make tactical investments in blockchain projects moving advancing. With the company’s industrial skill in the chat industry, it will be fascinating to see which changes them the goal to follow.

This news originates at an unusual time for the Asian chat industry. Kakao, one of Line’s better contestants, announced similar tactics in March of 2018. Their innovative blockchain subsidiary is created in Japan but Line’s Unblock is based in South Korea. This cross-market method by both companies can produce some promising results in the months and years to come.

Keeping the Momentum Alive

Japan and South Korea are two major areas for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With native companies discovering new chances, a bright upcoming lies ahead. Chat and messaging giants have shown an improved interest in virtual currencies and blockchain lately.

Possibly the main instance is how Telegram decided to conduct an early coin contribution. Though their business model was complained due to not letting the public to capitalize, it displays a lot of changes lie ahead. Starting subsidiaries to precisely discover this technology is a big step advancing in the blockchain industry as a whole.

Assuming these companies can work on real-life use cases, good things may remain to occur. The blockchain industry has been on a roll for some years currently and the momentum is still definitely in place.