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Japanese Giant Fujitsu Exposes Blockchain System

Japanese Giant Fujitsu Exposes Blockchain System

June 12, 2018 6:42 am,

The circulated ledger-based system — which will be displayed at Interop Tokyo from June 13 to 15 — is called the Fujitsu Intelligent Society Solution Blockchain Asset Service and is functioned through a cloud platform. The system marks trade workers, specifically food markets, tourist charms, and shopping cores.

With the innovative service, clients will be able to achieve and gather digital stamps by scanning QR codes in selected areas inside stores in order to convert benefits and coupons. In a press release last week, Fujitsu supposed that consumer custom data, along with things like age and gender, would be collected and kept on the blockchain to be used for investigation.

Shops who accept the platform may implement the service to join with numerous raises and events. The service is intended for customer care, with anyone aware with blockchain technology or not, being able to contact the platform with ease.

So far, Fujitsu has functioned with Taiwan FamilyMart and the city of Chiba to test the digital promotion system. The company has also combined with IOTA and set up a Blockchain Innovation Center in Belgium that encourages innovation inside the industry, a move illustrative of the company’s purposes to use blockchain to address wider societal matters, with ‘smart city’ functions.

Fujitsu and Smart Contracts 

Past this year Fujitsu publicized growths with respect to Ethereum-based smart contract verification. The company’s new procedures are set to notice 100% of the risks linked with these keen agreements, with some exclusions.

Moving advancing, the strategy is to further grow these authentication technologies to form a more safe blockchain and smart agreement set. Allowing to the company, Fujitsu will remain to an emphasis on the Ethereum blockchain, but the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric is also of notice.