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Is it too late to invest in crypto? Let’s find out.

Is it too late to invest in crypto? Let’s find out.

April 4, 2018 6:39 am,

To invest, or not to invest—that’s exactly what nearly all token investors ask when they’re about to join an ICO sale. Well, keeping that feeling of FOMO aside, let’s be clear: It’s not at all late to be part of the crypto party. Many speculators who’re closely following the ICO space have seen this tokenized revolution unfold right before their eyes.

Why isn’t it too late to jump on the tokenized bandwagon?

Industry insiders believe it’s never late to make a fortune by investing in ICOs. In 2017, an ICO became totally independent because it gained immense popularity. Right now, you’ll see a lot of startups actually giving up equity to different venture capital firms. These blockchain-enabled businesses issue two token varieties—the first one will be a utility token that’ll be just like a discount coupon for buying services or products; then there’ll be a security token that’ll be shares of a sort. However, commonly, utility tokens are issued by businesses; and once they’re issued, they can even be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide.

ICOs are on fire right now. They’re a red-hot investment commodity but finding a totally investible token that’s backed by an equally interesting project is easier said than done.

Let’s dive into all the reasons why you don’t want to be left behind in the ICO race.

The ICO market is continuously evolving

The token economy is going from strength to strength, and many tokens will continue to grow in value. Now, the two things that make crypto tokens highly investible are the project idea and the blockchain. While we have innovative ideas and blockchain tech, the ICO market won’t grow stagnant. If a market doesn’t grow sluggish, this means it’ll attract more and more investors and capital.

The token is the future

Any form of digital asset is completely decentralized. Because of decentralization, there won’t be any middleman whenever you have to trade these crypto tokens. In short, while using these tokens, you won’t have to deal with any banks or third-party processing firms—all in all, nobody will be taking a piece of your pie. And the best part—since the crypto-verse is digital, you’ll be connected the moment you’re on the internet.

Rock-solid authenticity

Sometimes, ICO tokens are much more than a simple proof of concept. Sometimes, they are used within a product or an ecosystem that’s already live. Plus, the entire crypto industry’s authenticity has gone to the next level as there are many notable crypto supporters such as John Mcafee, Nipsey Hussle, Jamie Foxx, Floyd Mayweather, and Chamath Palihapitiya.

Now, let’s get to know why it is risky to own Bitcoins and Ether right now.

The history of BTC’s and ETH’s prices

Well, there are so many reasons to participate in an ICO sale. However, there are few crypto coins that you may want to avoid right now—especially if you’re a cautious investor. We’ve analyzed the price history of two of the most popular cryptocurrencies of all time—Bitcoin and Ether.

Bitcoin—the world’s first cryptocurrency

As a decentralized cryptocurrency and a global payment system, Bitcoin has certainly created a wave of digital assets. This cryptocurrency rose to prominence because its system seamlessly works without any single administrator or central bank. As it’s a digital currency, a Bitcoin is always held electronically and is produced—or mined—by people and businesses that can afford a lot of computational power. Now, let’s see the way this particular crypto coin has performed in the first quarter of 2018.

From this graph, it’s clear that this specific crypto coin’s pricing has fluctuated dramatically in the last three months. On January 1, 2018, the coin’s value in USD was 13,328—and in the first week of 2018, this value became quite bullish and touched up to USD16,688. However, then, the coin’s value started to tumble. At press time, on March 29, 2018, the value of a Bitcoin is just USD7,565; that’s a huge difference from USD9,123. That is, everyone who’s thinking of buying some Bitcoins should do their due diligence before clicking on the “Buy” button on an exchange.

Ether—the coin that powered a crypto revolution

Ether is the currency that backs Ethereum. According to its creator, Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum is a “world computer” that fits a virtual machine (EVM), a development language (Solidity that’ll soon be followed by Viper), a token (Ether), and fuel (Gas). All these components of Ethereum power the transactions happening across the network. And the network can be used to create a number of decentralized apps or DApps. So, buying ether looks promising, but wait until you see these stats.

After analyzing the graph above, we see that Ether was priced at USD751 on January 1, 2018. By January 13 of the same year, the price of the coin rocketed to USD1363. In a matter of just 4 days, the price of the coin plummeted to USD798. At press time, on March 29, 2018, the price of this coin had dropped to USD417. So, from these figures, it’s obvious that investing in Ether can involve a great deal of risk.

From these graphs and analyses, it’s clear that crypto coins are quite volatile in nature. So, if you don’t want to speculate with that big a risk and still wish to own a digital asset, then crypto tokens are for you. However, as the number of ICO scams is rising with each passing day, you’ll often find it difficult to get a reliable crypto token that’ll deliver a good return.

Now, what if you could own a digital asset without actually paying money for it? Well, that’ll be absolutely amazing—and that amazingness is what airdrops are bringing to the table. Let’s get to know a thing or two about airdrops.

Wait, crypto airdrops to the rescue

Airdropping a token is actually giving it away for free—it’s one of the best ICO marketing moves of all time. A lot of blockchain-based companies give free tokens, which are also known as airdrops. In short, airdrops provide a way for crypto enthusiasts who don’t want to risk their neck yet to own some tokens. What happens is that during an airdrop, your crypto wallet will receive some free tokens. That’s it—you don’t have to send a single penny to the airdrop-issuing company. Tt is true that not everyone will get the free stuff, that is because there is a set of eligibility criteria if you want to become qualified to receive free tokens.

Who are eligible to receive airdrops?

The requirements vary from project to project. Here are some of the common requirements.

  • You may receive free tokens for liking a project’s Facebook post or retweeting its tweet or joining its Telegram channel.
  • Sometimes, a project may give you free tokens just for signing up for its newsletter.
  • Often, a project will give you free tokens if your referral joins the network.

How can you know about the latest upcoming or live airdrops?

Airdrops are definitely an interesting way to own some digital assets without spending anything. But freebies have a way of passing you by. That’s why you have to keep track of these airdrops. And when it comes to keeping tabs on legit airdrops, you have to trust This website has a team of super-talented crypto specialists who’ll search the ICO space for any quality project giving free tokens.