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Is BCASH the real Bitcoin? What are its advantages?

Is BCASH the real Bitcoin? What are its advantages?

BCASH and Bitcoin are two different things. The origin of BCASH resulted from the hard forking of Bitcoin into two, namely Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTH). A fork or split occurs when there is a rule change, and the new rule is accepted and adopted by only some of the nodes. In order for the nodes to function according to the new rules, they have to update the software used for checking the nodes. In the case of Bitcoin, some of the users thought of increasing the limit of its block chain while some others didn’t agree to the idea. This led to the split or hard fork, and bitcioncash forked from Bitcoin.

What is BCASH?

BCASH is nothing but a cryptocurrency which can be used in the digital realm to buy and sell, invest and even speculate. It is yet another altcoin, which has come to existence as a result of the hard fork of Bitcoin in 2016. There have been many hard forks in the past years, like that of ethereum. Ethereum has split into Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. This was for security reasons like hackers and bugs. Every platform has its own reason to split, and increasing the blocklimit was the reason for Bitcoin hard fork. BCASH has a blocklimit which is 8 times more than the original Bitcoin. November 2018 witnessed another split within the bitcoincash. The split was between Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV. The former is headed by famous Bitcoin investor Roger Ver, and the latter by Australian business man Craig Wright.

Are BCASH and Bitcoin the same?

No. BCASH is yet another altcoin which is not same as Bitcoin. One can even say that they are rival cryptocurrencies competing in the market to gain customer base. Users are sometimes confused between the two of them, as the names are quite similar. Bitcoin has become synonymous with the term cryptocurrency, and has the biggest customer base and largest number of followers. Being new to the business, BCASH is still under observation. Users have not yet begun to trust the altcoin as much as that of Bitcoin. Hence, one can confidently say that BCASH and Bitcoin are not the same.

Advantages of BCASH

This is very much quicker than Bitcoin when it comes to transactions. Usually, it takes around ten minutes for a transaction to take place in Bitcoin, while it is very much less in BCASH. One of the major drawbacks of Bitcoin is its high transaction fee. It rose up to a jaw dropping 25 USD once. Although now it is much cheaper, the fee is still a disadvantage. It has a very low transaction fee, making it a favorite of the users. The biggest advantage of bitcoincash is that a large number of users can utilize the service at a time. The transactions per minute are very high as compared to Bitcoin. All these advantages can be attributed to the increased blocklimit of BCASH.

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