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iOlite: A bridge between human and blockchain technology.

iOlite: A bridge between human and blockchain technology.

April 16, 2018 6:13 am,

The blockchain technology has revolutionized the ability to perform network transactions and manage digital assets. But due to the scarcity of blockchain experts, people are not using this technology. IOlite provides the helping hand to those people who are not aware of blockchain technology and don’t have prior programming knowledge. They just have to sit down and write in a natural or programming language the contracts or agreements and it then is transferred to a smart contract.

Iolite is a third layer of communication, anybody can communicate with the blockchain. The person doesn’t need a technical knowledge for that.

It has three components, the user interface, FAE (fast adaptation engine) that will adapt any known programming language to smart contract architecture in a very short time, and iolite blockchain. The text or the contract is passed by the first application engine. If it doesn’t recognize it is been published to a community of experts in various fields and those experts generate knowledge back. The machine translates these contracts into different languages.

These smart contracts can reduce corporation cost for financial and operational activities. This blockchain technology is designed for commercials, academics, and regulatory people.

Iolite simplifies the development of decentralized technology applications and reduces the cost of writing smart contracts. Its fast adaptation engine will be integrated into software development environment to make blockchain technology more accessible and increase its demand.

The benefits of using this technology are that it doesn’t involve any kind of cost. It can be used to write the smart contract or the digital agreement free of cost.

This iolite platform is promoted by iolite foundation that is a nonprofit organization. The heart of this blockchain technology is iolite contributors. These contributors have the professional knowledge and motivation to make FAE learning curve effective.