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Invacio – the collaborator of AI and Crypto World

Invacio – the collaborator of AI and Crypto World

March 19, 2018 7:05 am,

Cryptocurrencies are not the only top stories of the current era, but Artificial Intelligence has also gained great importance over time. In 2017, we saw that Bitcoins rose to about more than 300% of its original importance than what it started with. Both the crypto world and artificial intelligence have created a beautiful storm. Now, Invacio combined both these elements to develop a phenomenal out charge. Tamius, Inavcio’s decentralized blockchain banking system is built upon artificial intelligence and integrates within virtual and traditional fiat currencies in a perfectly secure, user-friendly and single multi-channel platform.

Invacio has developed not only a corporate platform but also a social one. It believes that both of these platforms merged together gives the best outcome one may ask for. This network has been built with an aim of transforming social networking into an aid instead of a chaos. The Invacio’s network can stream live news and media, offers a live financial chart and basically offers an end to end Zero-Knowledge communications system that integrates both the business world as well as the social world. Invacio provides a free crypto currency management high-speed app which has the ability to exchange an exhaustive range of currencies.

The artificial intelligence here is called by the name Jean, she is constantly analyzing all the available data she can get her hands on from harvesting the database. ‘Jean’ is a convenient way to express all the capabilities that emerge from the complex of collaborative autonomous learning nodes of Invacio. Just like all newly decentralized blockchains, Invacio has its own Initial Coin Offering. The sole purpose of this ICO is to work cryptocurrency fully into the mainstream of e-commerce and bring a solution to all the real world commercial transactions thereafter.

The token sale had started on the 31st January 2018 with the original price at $0.30. The symbol of the Invacio token is INV. The target is to sell 150,000,000 INV tokens. A 20% pre-sale bonus is given. Finally, the distribution is 40% to the product research and development, 23% of the operations, 23% to infrastructure and setup costs and finally 14% to marketing.