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Introducing the BC token sale, when the project matters

Introducing the BC token sale, when the project matters

August 21, 2018 9:21 am,

The crypto market grows bigger and bigger every day, with an enormous amount of events taking place at one time. New projects are being introduced, and the old ones step down, values are changing, and various statements are being made so often – that it’s impossible for a person to keep up with all of the shifts.


The Utility token that brings useful and attractive feauters

If you want to be a viable element of the crypto community, you should always be up to date and therefore, be able to distinguish wheat from the chaff. For a long time, we’ve been watching the media market not offering any content meeting the requirements of people related to the blockchain and crypto industry, the content that would provide them with all the crucial information

This is why we’ve created the, a multifunctional platform developed following all the needs of the market. What we offer is a unique area containing the latest and the most important news, thoroughly chosen and written by our platform users-editors. All the materials are high-quality and carefully segmented in order to increase the convenience for users, who actually have a chance to take part in the operations of the website.

Users are involved in making users generated content to be motivated and proactive, being rewarded with BC Tokens. The thing that also makes us stand out is ad pricing, making it accessible to everyone, whereas it is usually unfairly expensive and even unaffordable.

BC Token is a unique feature of our project, but what does it constitute?

To fully explain its essence, it’s an ERC-20 Utility type token, made to serve the payments by users for the platform’s promotional and listing services, as well as to motivate content-makers to produce unique articles, overviews, and studies about blockchain and cryptos and therefore supporting internal content circulation. There are multiple ways to earn the BC Token, to buy it on the Token sale now, on the exchanges later, or to generate content, write and share unique news and materials.

To clarify its substance, here are some of the frequently asked questions:

What is unique about the BC token?

BC Token is useful for the whole crypto community, it provides 50% opportunity for ads resell, as well as 50% discount on all platform services. Moreover we are working out a new special feature with Airdrops, we will provide extra partner airdrops for ranked token holders

How do users get the bonus airdrop?

Here we introduce an equitable division of the token holders into levels, depending on which the amount of bonuses is being defined. Each premium status gives users bonus tokens in addition to those received for completing a task. We have a special table helping to figure it out, here it is:

*each status gives its bonus % from all partners airdrops tokens contributed by users

*each status gives its bonus % from all partners airdrops tokens contributed by users

How many tokens do you issue?

We’ve already issued a final amount of 247,000,000 BC Tokens, which are distributed: 100,000,000 tokens are for sale (5 000 000 of which were sold on private sale), 100,000,000 tokens can be rewarded to users and, finally, the team and advisors receive 47,000,000 tokens.