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Internxt – A decentralized Internet provider

Internxt – A decentralized Internet provider

August 30, 2017 6:12 am,

Using the internet at every minute of the day is our daily habit. But do we really know what’s behind the scene? How does it work? A large portion of the internet is centralized but to decentralize it, the concerns of large surveillance over the web and security files of the cloud arise. Internxt uses the concept of Blockchain to make technology and the internet a decentralized phenomenon. It strives at making the internet a better and safer area of work. As Internxt has a Peer-to-Peer architecture (P2P), there are no centralized services or control mechanisms that order the actions of the nodes. With the hike in Bitcoin, many industries are entering into online commerce and decentralization by Blockchain.

Internxt aims to develop a decentralized solution through which users can browse any kind of application or website. It will enable the creation of P2P self-managed, shared and secure storage for the networks. By running an algorithm to ensure that only legal files are being hosted on the network, Internxt shows that it would ensure high security. A serverless framework is every Internet surfer’s first wish, so here, the user will be able to deploy their web or mobile directly to Internxt, and the whole infrastructure would be provided by Internxt.

One of the main problems that are arising these days are that the content to be delivered is not fast and zappy. The existing content distribution to the users nowadays are delivering the data through a single transmission from source to one point and the copies are then created and distributed to each requested node. Here, at Internxt, the requested content or data is stored at Content Delivery Nodes which are placed at different locations. This enables easy and free P2P transmission.

Internxt is providing a completely revolutionized technology that outstands the current solutions in the market. There are many open (personality wise) distributed networks around the world, so security becomes a thick issue. Local strategies involve trust mechanisms that can transfer between heterogeneous mixed network seamlessly. PowerTrust paper will be the basis for the solution of Internxt.

Internxt’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) starts with the minimum goal of 500 ETH and the highest of 1500000 ETH. At reaching the Minimum goal of 500 ETH, Internxt would be able to develop a basic version of their decentralized file storage technology. The ICO will last for about 3 weeks, starting on 7th September 2017. For each ETH collected, there will be 300 INXT tokens generated. The number of tokens would gradually increase with the aim to benefit the developers.