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Internation Auto Club – a blockchain collaborating with cashback

Internation Auto Club – a blockchain collaborating with cashback

February 9, 2018 8:29 am,

Once it comes to shopping for clothes, household items or even grocery, one person always wants high discount rates. They often search for these items at wholesale prices. So, a small group of people set an ambitious goal to make the consumers relaxed by providing them with the best quality products at just the wholesale prices. This organization is started in Russia and is called the International Auto-Club (IAC). One must note that this is not merely just a startup but is a well-based company that is ready to develop its business in other countries. IAC transfers all their internal payments to the blockchain using its own cryptocurrency. Yes, IAC is also following the most common and recent trend of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is the virtual payment of an asset and is said to be the future of mankind.

In any market or a business, a consumer has the motive to buy the product in the least amount as possible (at a profitable price which is to pay less) but the company or the market which is selling the same said product strives to increase the profit, reduce its cost and to basically sell it at a minutely higher price. The existing common cashback services partially solve this problem and they offer only a compromise between the consumer’s wishers and the business’ interest. Now, to solve this huge chaos, International Auto Club (IAC) has stepped in. It is an automated platform that brings together the best features of payment systems, cashback services, and partnership programs. This blockchain technology will allow the platform to be brought to a completely new level, make the existing solutions more effective and to meet new challenges with ease and strength.

At the platform by the International Auto Club (IAC), the consumers not only grasp the opportunity to acquire a wide variety of goods and services at a lower rate (profitable rate) but also have a great chance to earn on a referral program. Users get rewards for participating in their projects like the Corporate University, Beauty Academy, and Real Estate Purchase Crowdfunding Platform. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) started on the 25th January 2018 and will consist of 5 stages, including the Pre-ICO. 85,982,639 AutoToken tokens will be emitted and will be created gradually as the sales proceed. 1 AutoToken = $1. IAC plans to sell 70% of its tokens and the rest will be spread among the participants of the bounty campaign.