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Zenome ICO List
ICO Details
Start Bonus25%
Start Date 17-10-2017
End Date 01-11-2019
Base Ethereum
Total Supply

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A Blockchain-based genomic ecosystem

is the first decentralized

market of genomic data and services

Our views  & directions


Zenome plans to build a decentralized storage system for genomic data provided by network participants and supported financially with the help of internal cryptocurrency. Further, we will start the function of free exchange of genomic and personal data within the network. It will be possible to find a person who has specific (interesting to you) eye color, age, weight, nationality and access to his genomic information (to the non-sensitive part of the genome). Next, we implement a system of questionnaires plus rating system to assess if users haven’t provided fake data. And, finally, at one of the later stages we plan to attract large companies and scientific centers interested in buying genomic data, as well as buying access to the storage of Zenome. Thus, in the long term, we want to create the best infrastructure project for the genomic Internet – a kind of “genomic Google”, owned by the entire community of Zenome.


We believe that the “era of data” has come. At present, the technologies of artificial intelligence in various fields of activity have developed tremendously. The use of artificial intelligence can remove a person from a huge number of processes, make the work more accurate and minimize the number of errors associated with the human factor. Including, in the near future, artificial intelligence will be the main driver for the development of medicine, diagnostics, the creation of new drugs and personalized products. In this case, for the machine mearning and the use of artificial intelligence, a large amount of correctly structured information is needed and the availability of such information in a concentrated form becomes as valuable as gold once was. That is why we want to create a platform that would accumulate this value (“new gold”) and at the same time access to this gold will be provided for all the users of the platform, that prevents monopolization.