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ICO Details
Start Bonus%
Start Date 07-12-2018
End Date 31-01-2019
Base Ethereum
Total Supply
Price1 USAT = 0.215 USD

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Cryptopia suffers security breach!

Cryptopia suffers security breach!

New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia has announced 24 hours downtime that the exchange has been hacked. It has been down since 14th January 2018, announcing that the website was experiencing


Decentralising Innovation

About USAT

USAT Inc. is currently fundraising through the sale of a utility token called the USAT Inc. token. This funding is not essential to the success of the operation, but will fast-track the creation and implementation of the blockchain-enabled IP Vault for storage and processing of IP, as well accelerating the rate of development of USAT Inc.’s currently held IP. The USAT Token provides access to the platform and its services and is also the currency of the platform. The USAT Inc. tokens must be continuously purchased from the secondary market exchange to gain access to the organisation’s services, including product purchases (at a rate of 15% of the total cost made in secondary market USAT Tokens). In addition to the platform’s services, USAT Tokens provide the holder with a range of rating and voting functions, depending on the role of the token holder. USAT Tokens are created at a limited supply, with all unsold and repurchased (USAT Inc. repurchases USAT Tokens biannually) USAT Tokens placed in cold storage via a vesting contract.

Several technologies have already been purchased by USAT Inc. and are at various stages of commercialisation. Furthest along is USAT Inc.’s flagship project, solar-wind technology: an efficient and affordable renewable energy system, which is currently protected by 3 separate patents. This technology has proven to be cheaper and more reliable than its market competitors and as such is intended to enter the market as a superior alternative to large commercial and industrial size renewable energy systems. Several customers have initiated the process of deployment of this technology, ranging from a vast array of industries and locations around the globe.