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TeamCoin ICO List
ICO Details
Start Bonus50%
Start Date 01-09-2017
End Date 15-09-2017
Base Ethereum
Total Supply2000000
Price1 ETH = 25 TMC

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TEAMCO – Cryptocurrency platform showing the Contribution Graph

TEAMCO – Cryptocurrency platform showing the Contribution Graph

TEAMCO has a basic aim to build a verified, distributed and immutable register of projects and who contributed to them. It works around the question of “Who contributed what, where?” This is an im


Distributed Contribution Graph

TEAM aims to build a universal “Contribution Graph”: a verified, distributed & immutable register of projects & who contributed to them. Such a system can answer the following question: Who contributed what, where? e.g. “Linus Torvalds created the Linux Kernel” or “Brian Chesky co-founded AirBnB in 2008”. Such a register can be of tremendous value to the creative professions in the Open Source and Startup communities. Such a graph can be used to assess a project contributor’s reputation, assign a fair equity split in early projects or even automatically compensate team members for the work they have done.