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Successlife ICO List
ICO Details
Start Bonus%
Start Date 15-04-2018
End Date 31-05-2018
Base Ethereum
Total Supply100000000
Price1 SLT = 0.80 USD

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Successlife: A payment mechanism for education.

Successlife: A payment mechanism for education.

Successlife is a global digital marketplace for educational, personal, or professional development content accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device. It uses SLTs token to receive payment for the


A customized Payment Solution

Education is a top priority for governments, corporations, institutions and individuals worldwide. However, the trend is shifting towards on-demand, digitized content delivery.

SuccessLife Global aims to create a customized payment solution to serve the educational, personal and professional development industries. We intend to develop a marketplace of curated, aggregated, relevant content driven by A.I. and machine learning accessible on-demand, anywhere as well as create an ecosystem to drive demand for and adoption of the token.

In partnership with its founding organization, Success Resources, with 25 years in the business and 10 million live event participants, SuccessLife Token will be part of a new digital economy in these industries.

SuccessLife Tokens will launch with an active international customer base in excess of 6 million persons who have a common interest and pre-existing relationship with an established and respected brand.