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StockBet ICO List
ICO Details
Start Bonus0%
Start Date 29-10-2017
End Date 31-01-2018
Base Ethereum
Total Supply-2

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Blockchain-based stock betting platform


Why play StockBet?

  • Social Competition: People care more about winning or losing in football pools than winning or losing in their stock portfolios. This is because of social competition, which enables players to banter and share a laugh. With StockBet, players can have the same kind of fun with stocks as they do with sports.
  • IPOs: Betting on initial public offerings (IPOs) used to be exclusive, available only to the one percent on Wall Street or The City. Now, StockBet lets the small guys bet on the big name IPOs as well.
  • Play for free with our Chips.

More and more brands, such as Google, Apple and Microsoft, are becoming global. Billions of users know them well. Many are bullish or bearish but cannot place bets on them, because they cannot open trading accounts or do not live in the West. Now they can.

BullBear iconBullBear is our first game.

Bet and banter against your friends or others on whether a stock or index will go up or down.

For more info, see FAQs.

Have fun and take no prisoners!



We take security very seriously. We encrypt your password, backup data and more. Is our site safe? Here is Google’s report.


You can pick from thousands of stocks, ETFs (for sectors and commodities) and the major indices (Dow Jones, FTSE, S&P 500, Nasdaq, CAC, DAX and TSX) from the New York, London, Euronext Paris, Frankfurt and Toronto stock exchanges. (Currently, only the CAC and DAX are available from Paris and Frankfurt.) You can even pick penny stocks and see stock quotes.

Information from you

You need to provide an e-mail addresss and password upon sign up. You can add information to your profile and join in on the discussions, but none of that is compulsory.

You will receive e-mail notifications from us, but on our site, you will have the option to select which ones you wish to receive or not.Remember to add “” to your safe senders list and check your Spam folder.