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SmartHoldem ICO List
ICO Details
Start Bonus0%
Start Date 04-11-2017
End Date 04-12-2017
Base OWN
Total Supply

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SmartHoldem gives the best outcome in a guaranteed game of poker

SmartHoldem gives the best outcome in a guaranteed game of poker

Every once in a while, a person plays cards or a game of poker. Even if he or she doesn’t play, they think about playing it or see ads inviting them into online rummy or poker games. Despite the hid


Decentralized Gaming Platform

Decentralized Gaming Platform Poker-Room on BlockChain

Decentralized multi-architectural game platform that is open and interactive with people online in real time without any restrictions.

Technology SmartHoldem

Innovative technologies in a single well-functioning mechanism.

Cross-Chain Tx

Used for exchanges between BlockChains, STH tokens on GameChips – fast, non-commissioned gaming units. GameChips 1000:1 STH


Additional BlockChain. The most compact, protected from “bad” chains, a new technology developed within the framework of SmartHoldem, stores game statistics.


The new technology protocol, developed in the SmartHoldem platform, is the heart of the system, the guarantor, the arbiter in games and the betting bank.