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shelterDAO  ICO List
ICO Details
Start Bonus%
Start Date 26-06-2018
End Date 01-09-2018
Base NEM, Mosaic
Total Supply19046190

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ShelterDAO: A New Change

ShelterDAO: A New Change

The SHEL generates a community of blockchain using NEM technology which is used to decentralize the cryptocurrency system payments, guest data, security and internet of things IOT. It creates a hybrid

ShelterDAO: First step towards Crypto Community

ShelterDAO: First step towards Crypto Community

ShelterDAO is the project that creates and maintains cashless crypto hub community around the world by using NEM blockchain technology.  It uses SMT & Mosaic Exclusive Membership (MEM) to give li


A new kind of blockchain community.

The Shel Mosaic Token introduces pioneers to a new kind of blockchain community.

Imagine a future where property and dwellings are owned by the blockchain and managed via a Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO), where anyone has instant access to the most innovative cryptohubs around the world to connect with like-mined individuals and be able to network and develop innovation for tomorrow, shelterDAO brings these interactions and more. We use blockchain technology to decentralize guest data, cryptocurrency system payments, securyity, and internet of things(IOT).

The mission is to develop brick & mortar crypto communities around the world where anyone, specifically blockchain pioneers can travel, stay, have fun and create. Anyone can step foot into a shelterDAO community and immediately experience a cashless way of travel. We will be utilizing 3D concrete printing, eco friendly structural methods, and NEM blockchain technology.

We believe that shelterDAO can be the beginning of a new kind of blockchain community, that is why we ask for global blockchain pioneers to come together and join us in this project.

We are calling you out because this project cannot be actualized without you.