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Machtcoin ICO List
ICO Details
Start Bonus45%
Start Date 15-01-2018
End Date 08-02-2018
Base Bitcoin
Total Supply36000000

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MachtCoin – a decentralized platform for sports and travel and

MachtCoin – a decentralized platform for sports and travel and

Keeping fit is not just beneficial for our health but now, you can earn up to it whilst exercising. This might sound too good to be true but it is!! Machtcoin is a blockchain platform that runs on the


Adrenaline Inspired

Machtcoin, Adrenaline inspired, is a community based and decentralized cryptocurrency built with the latest blockchain technology and creating an eco-system application based on our 3 pillars of project that consist of sport, travel & tourism, and trading in one platform. We choose those 3 (three) of the biggest business on earth that will earn bigger revenue in the years ahead that involving leisure, fun, challenging, and competition. That’s why we have ‘Adrenaline’ and ‘Champion’ jargon in our platform philosophy. We create a challenging and competitive yet profitable atmosphere in our platform with our revolutionary business plan that no lending cryptocurrency have and our application is based on major cryptocurrency and machtcoin itself that will eliminate all fiat currency barriers and limitation. Bringing people interest in sport, travel & tourism, and trading in one big marketplace with cryptocurrency is the best solution for us with low cost transaction fee, transparent, fast and secure.