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LOVE Air Coffee ICO List
ICO Details
Start Bonus%
Start Date 01-08-2019
End Date 31-08-2019
Base Ethereum
Total Supply
Price1 LAC = 0.1 EUR

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LOVE Air Coffee

Innovative Coffee Blockchain Company

About LOVE Air Coffee

From the information taken from the representatives of the coffee industry and coffee trade of Western European and North American countries, there is a completely definite image: a coffee consumption crisis is occurring in these regions. The demand for this product in the established markets is decreasing as its tradition- al consumers are becoming older, and the younger generation, entering the period of “active drinking”, is surrounded by temptations such as countless drinks of the new wave, as well as the well-known and widely available soft drinks. If we believe the forecasts promising full saturation of the existing world coffee markets for several years, then we should expect the emergence of excellent opportunities in developing markets, whose growth has so far been constrained only by coffee prices.

Coffee demand, as well as coffee supply, is growing every year, coffee is considered to be the best-selling product in the world, but the processing and roasting of beans are not globally changed, modernization and quality improvement of roasting are progressing, but every year these steps are less and less.

Our solution allows:

  • Fully change the coffee industry;
  • Minimize coffee weight loss;
  • Improve product quality;
  • Save a large amount of beneficial properties in coffee beans;• Significantly improve the taste of the drink;
  • Get more income.