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Cryptobuyer ICO List
ICO Details
Start Bonus%
Start Date 20-01-2019
End Date 19-02-2019
Base Ethereum
Total Supply
Price1 ETH= 3061 XPT

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A Fully Working Crypto Ecosystem

About Cryptobuyer

As the adoption of Crypto continues to grow, the demand for access to Crypto will grow along with it. A world where people are free of traditional institutions to transact, and one where everyone equal access to the network. Cryptobuyer will help solve the problems that stand in the way of mass adoption by giving people a way to use their cryptocurrencies by providing merchants with PoS machines, and providing the people access to a vast Crypto Atm network that they can use to buy and sell.

Our Mission is to bring Crypto to the people. Giving people the power to buy, sell, send and spend/use their crypto. We intend to be apart of the future.

Cryptobuyer plans on being an industry leader, with every intention of being apart of the future growth of cryptocurrencies. We plan on:
Providing an alternative payment method for businesses. Offering financial inclusion and helping fight against inflation and economic
collapse by giving people easy access to crypto currencies. Giving people control over their finances, instead of trusting institutions. Expanding across Latin America before expanding globally.