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Black Insurance  ICO List
ICO Details
Start Bonus25%
Start Date 31-07-2018
End Date 30-09-2018
Base Ethereum
Total Supply471082089
Price1 BLCK = 0.20 USD

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Digital Insurance Provider on Blockchain, Black Insurance Ropes i
Digital Insurance Provider on Blockchain, Black Insurance Ropes i

Fintech expert, scientist, and blockchain visionary Professor Alex Norta has joined forces with the upcoming digital insurance company on blockchain named Black Insurance, helping them with their tech

Black: Bridge between Insurance Brokers and Investors.
Black: Bridge between Insurance Brokers and Investors.

Black is an insurance platform which acts as a bridge between insurance brokers and investors. It uses the blockchain to transfer risk directly from the client to financial backers or the token holder

Through Imtoken wallet, DAGT is Focused on Technological Developm
Through Imtoken wallet, DAGT is Focused on Technological Developm

Digital assets like Bitcoin are intensively sweeping across the globe, the blockchain, which is its underlying technology, has also begun to expand on a global scale. At present, some blockchain solut

Black Insurance

Marketplace for insurance brokers

Insurance is broken: it’s expensive, complicated and slow to meet customer needs. It’s because all decisions are made by a handful of people in a small number of big insurance companies, riddled with bureaucracy.

Black is going to fix insurance by introducing a democratic, blockchain-based marketplace for creating virtual insurance companies that can design and sell their own, innovative insurance products. These products will be backed by security tokens issued in the future ICO-s, allowing crypto investors to tap into insurance profits.

Since blockchain enables to turn administering of insurance policies  much more efficient, these products will also be less expensive and provide more profit upside.

Black Insurance is one of the most ambitious ICO backed company since it addresses the entire $4 trillion insurance market. Our team, comprised of seasoned insurance and technology executives, stands prepared to take advantage of this opportunity.

Black is currently the only blockchain / insurance startup addressing the biggest and still most wasteful part of the insurance industry: creating and capitalizing insurance products. All insurance products in the world need to be created and capitalized, and currently it can only be done through centralized, wasteful and slow insurance incumbents. We’re adding a third option.
Most other blockchain based insurance startups are either addressing one particular product line, or one small, often relatively insignificant part in the insurance value chain. Black works with any insurance product, and with the biggest and most important part of the value chain.