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BancCoin ICO List
ICO Details
Start Bonus40%
Start Date 01-05-2018
End Date 28-02-2019
Base Ethereum
Total Supply

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A luxury and lifestyle platform


All You Need To Know About BancCoin!

BancCoin (BCCN) is a new digital utility coin that applies blockchain technologies to the enormous cryptoeconomy and lowers traditional transactional barriers in order to achieve decentralization of the Global Lifestyle. This technology offers an effective method of harnessing the value of the existing 500+ Billion USD equivalent in cryptocurrency. Backed by the business endeavors of CRE Consulting Group Inc.

(CCGI), BancCoin’s real-life value is directly attached to this same crypto-product, stemming from the partnerships and projects of CCGI, thereby giving greater access to the Global Lifestyle and Luxury Lifestyle. In other words, each CCGI partner and project incorporates a BCCN component. Therefore, BCCN makes Global Lifestyle and Luxury available through the business ventures and partnerships established by CCGI.