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Hedge Project offers huge bonuses on investing in its ICO which starts on 15 th September,2017

Hedge Project offers huge bonuses on investing in its ICO which starts on 15 th September,2017

September 14, 2017 6:39 am,

The world can observe its conversion from hand-to-hand hard currency to soft cryptocurrency. The credit of this conversion is given to the curiosity of the human mind to use technologies. The tech-savy virtual world keeps on updating every now and then in high pace. So this is where Hedge Project steps in. The Hedge Project development is focused on introducing a platform that will enable access to anyone to professionally developed crypto indices and diversification of investments. There are two main concepts that every investor should be aware of which will help them decide whether they should invest or not; diversification and hedging. Hedge Project creates a professionally designed and maintained crypto indices to serve as a benchmark for the Crypto Financial Instruments.

This index is a measure of the cumulative performance of individual market, which holds itself as a benchmark. As we know, the crypto market is highly illiquidate so it becomes difficult to calculate indices because the law of one price does not help in this case. Hedge Project has developed a comprehensive index suite which gives access to a detailed rulebook helping in rebalancing process. Now, a common man will wonder why to prefer Hedge Project Indices. The concept of Indexing involves a creativity box with professional rules based approach. The Indexing does not only gather transparency of the construction of the index but also familiarizes the investors with a benchmark they can relate to and trust as a reliable barometer for the crypto market performance. No doubt there are indices that have no rules based approach but they run the risk of management and erratic portfolio constructions.

Hedge Project will introduce a platform that will be the ‘go-to’ market place for investors interested in crypto markets. It will offer access to professionally designed indices on crypto currencies. This will also act as a settlement agent that will look into the scene at the default of any of the counterparties.

Main access to the platform can be done by using the Hedge Token (HDG) to pay the platform and transaction fees and management fees. Hedge Project will periodically lock part of the hedge tokens received to manage the supply of the tokens in the market. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will start on the 15th September, 2017 and end one month later, 15th October, 2017. Only Ethereum (ETH) is the accepted cryptocurrency. Hedge Project gives a number of bonuses with the start of 15% on day 1 and decreasing to 3% on day 10.  A total supply of 50,000,000 tokens will be made. Make sure to invest!