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Hamster Marketplace: A bridge between manufacturer and customer

Hamster Marketplace: A bridge between manufacturer and customer

April 20, 2018 7:43 am,

Hamster Marketplace is an autonomous organization which gives producers or the manufacturer the direct access to the consumer. It is a non-commercial organization and everything is transparent and visible about the expenditure in the marketplace.

There are many companies which produce the number of innovative products or electronics or gadgets like DIY manufacturers, startups etc. due to a large marketplace or increase in demand the prices of their products aggressively increases secondly sales and advertisement also require huge expenditure. In the end, the consumer has to pay the amount as it is all included in the price of that product.

So here comes the solution to all the problems of a manufacturer as well as consumers, the Hamster marketplace. It helps to remove the intermediaries between the manufacturer and consumers.

It releases token, by purchasing that you can provide yourself access to the latest products without any intermediaries in between. Those who are interested in this creation take part in an ICO. Buying tokens valued for $2 and can begin to save money from buying products without including any intermediary. As the number of producers and consumers increases the token grows in value because they are released and sold only once producers of electronics and gadgets are already getting in line to enter hamster marketplace.

The benefits which this platform will bring to the consumers are as follows:-

  • Everything new or innovative in one place.
  • Unique gadgets like DIY.
  • Tracking the defects and manufacturer goodwill.
  • Lowest price guaranteed.

The benefits which this platform will bring to the manufacturer are as follows:-

  • Large consumer demand for electronics.
  • Ability to become a co-owner of a platform.

The benefits which this platform will bring to token buyers are as follows:-

  • Token initiates manufacturer for an effective work at a marketplace.
  • Token helps the buyer to get the additional marketplace option.

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