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Greek Court Guidelines Suspect of Filtering $4Bln in Bitcoin

Greek Court Guidelines Suspect of Filtering $4Bln in Bitcoin

July 16, 2018 5:41 am,

A Greek court has governed to transfer the unproven previous operator of crypto altercation BTC-e, Alexander Vinnik, to France, native news channel CNN Greece stated Friday, July 13. The 39-year old Russian state Vinnik, also recognized colloquially as “Mr. Bitcoin,” was indicted by U.S. establishments on charges of scheme and money filtering last year, supposedly connecting up to $4 billion in Bitcoin (BTC).

Vinnik’s Greek lawyer Ilias Spyrliadis confirmed to Russian broadcast action TASS that “the court has decided France’s demand for Vinnik’s extradition.” Spyrliadis also exposed that he is scheduling to the application in contradiction of the court’s choice in the Greek Supreme Court.

According to CNN Greece, Vinnik himself tested the choice of the Greek court on deportation to France, rejecting the allegations of French establishments, who delivered a warrant, in which the supposed BTC-e owner was suspect of “cheat over 100 people in six French cities between 2016 and 2018.” Vinnik replied that he was “relocating e-money through a platform,” since it as “legitimate personal transactions.”

Vinnik’s lawyer Spyrliadis secure Russian BBC that the newest return to France would lead to an additional extradition to the U.S., since “then the U.S. cannot get him since the deportation procedure was blocked.”

Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs delivered a comment July 13 in answer to the events, blaming the Greek authorities of “continu[ing] to thwart relatives with Russia.” The Ministry of Foreign Affairs titles that Russia’s demand to deport Vinnik should have been given importance over France’s, closing “it is understandable that Russia cannot leave these actions unreturned.”

On July 25, 2017, Vinnik was arrested by Greek police under the order of the U.S. Ministry of Justice, subsequent to the conclusion of once main cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e, supposedly possessed and managed by Vinnik. Having openly stated his innocence in September 2017, Vinnik similarly denied his participation in the Mt. Gox hack back in 2011 after a collection of Bitcoin safety specialists claimed that Vinnik had the shortest association to the event.