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Genesis – the blockchain of Real Estate Investments

Genesis – the blockchain of Real Estate Investments

March 8, 2018 8:41 am,

Investment is an all-time money taker as people ‘invest’ money somewhere or the other. The most common place is Real Estate. Real estate always attracts all kinds and classes of people be it small or big. The investment itself vary from large to small. Now, everyone has upgraded themselves to technology and find themselves in the most common trend of cryptocurrency. Genesis is a blockchain technology that provides a simple and reliable mechanism for distributed investments in real estate. Since real estate is an international phenomenon, Genesis is also an international multifunctional platform which maintains an entire infrastructure with access to various types of commercial and non-commercial real estate.

With the high speed of all activities and the increased cost and expenses, everyone grasps all opportunities they can to earn a little extra. There is an increased desire to receive additional income for a majority of people all over the world. Investment is one of the most sought after area where people desire to earn tits bits. Investment can be using the funds to create and develop new industries, projects, technologies etc. the main motive for all types of investment is making profit and minimization of risks.  Genesis not only ensures the execution of these two motives but also creates additional opportunities for the participants of the project by using all the existing achievements and upgradation of technologies.

Due to urbanization, investments in real estate have increased and reached a new level of popularity. The demand for land, transport, commercial and non-commercial building has become an important part of the society now. A solution was found in the creation of companies specializing in real estate. This led to the creation of Genesis, a modern multifunctional integrated platform based on latest technologies and achievements which provides all the elements of financial, technical and operational protection. It is a to-go for investment junkies.

Genesis will create its own ecosystem which will be available everywhere geographically and provide investors the opportunity to become co-owners of real estate. It will bridge the biggest gap between the traditional and the world of cryptocurrencies. It will issue 1,000,000,000 GES tokens. 1 GES = 1 euro. Tokens will be issued only one time. The distribution will be as 80% investors, 18% organizers and 2% Bounty.