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GCOX: Global Crypto offering Exchange.

GCOX: Global Crypto offering Exchange.

July 2, 2018 9:20 am,

GCOX (Global Crypto Offering Exchange) is the first crypto token exchange that helps celebrities create, list and trade their own crypto token, known as celebrity token. It is the first platform where celebrities and brands are able to capitalize on blockchain technology. It allows the public to have unparalleled access to the stars. This platform enables celebrities and fans greater access to the world of crypto- crowd funding, crypto- commercialization and crypto- community engagement powered by the blockchain technology. The primary customers of GCOX are the celebrities.

GCOX Core Business:-

  • Crypto Exchange– The celebrities create and sell their own celebrity token on the GCOX platform. Fans are able to gain access to their idol by purchasing celebrity tokens of their idol itself. The utilization of these Celebrity Tokens depends on the potential and promise of the celebrities concerned, the size of the community on the platform, the degree of user activity and market acceptance, as well as the participant’s choice of potential projects.

The celebrity who lists their popularity on the platform will have their own personal Celebrity Tokens, the ACCLAIM Token (ACM). It can be used to access all the celebrities listed on the platform. It is basically the base currency of GCOX.

  • Celebreneur- This word is the mixture of Celebrity and entrepreneur. The GCOX platform facilitates the celebrities to enhance their entrepreneurial spirit. There are 3 programs in it :
  1. Celeb- merchant– It provides celebrities with a platform to enhance their existing businesses or product lines, and encourages them to venture into entrepreneurship.
  2. Fan- merchant– It provides opportunities for fans to be merchants on the platform of their favorite celebrity subject to their agreement.
  3. Celeb-auction– It allow celebrities to auction their items. The item will go to the highest bidder.
  • Celeb-connect- Celeb-connect will allow celebrities to reach out to their fans and engage them through social media.
  • Celeb-charity- It allow celebrities to increase awareness for any charity or social cause.