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Fund Platform, a cryptocurrency warehouse.

Fund Platform, a cryptocurrency warehouse.

November 3, 2017 6:18 am,

For uplifting the blockchain and financial technology industry, Fund Platform, powered by NEM (New Economy Movement) is functioning with a vision to create trade and help raise crypto funds, at a decentralized, convenient and secured network.

Basically, this platform works with the developers of NEM project. With respect to this, all the token funds which will be released will be raised on the NEM platform.

Some of the key features of this platform for the investor base are:

  • The ability to create to create subsidiary tokens, which in turn will help create sub-tokens, and ultimately drop down the fund value.
  • Another indisputable advantage is the legal service and some of the expanding options like currency deposit/withdraw on the exchanges without API, reduced fees for the platform certified funds, the certification of which is done only to the best of companies.
  • It provides the investors with a handful of assessment, listed as: A rating from this platform, capitalization, funds in management, an indicator of risk returns and others.
  • Also, in a second of a span, the investor will be able to diversify his portfolio, withdraw funds, book profits, exchange one token for another token, change his investment performance, etc

Now, characteristics of this platform towards the fund or trader base are:

  • Simple and attractive fundraising lines.
  • The platform attracts investor’s interest towards the funds raised by providing for the expected amount of transparency.
  • An absence of advertising budget. The platform takes cares of the marketing strategies.
  • No cost during the initial deposits at the exchange.

Talking of the tokens, we have:

Symbol: NEM

In total 167,000,000 tokens will be issued of which 100,000,000 tokens are intended for distribution during pre-sale and the ICO.

Pre-sale start date: 10th December 2017

Pre-sale end date: 25th December 2017


Price of pre-sale:  $0.075

Price of ICO: $0.1

Hard cap at pre-sale: $750,000

The distribution of these token funds is bifurcated into:

  • 60% for investors.
  • 25% for Fund Platform reserve.
  • 10% for developers and team.
  • 4% for advisors and bounty.

Here, investor protection is taken utmost care of. So no user needs to worry about their funds, for the Fund Platform service developers are held liable for these funds.

Efficient consolidation and top-notch cooperation between the fund managers and the investors exist. Thanks to the high functioning interface of the Fund Platform.