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First VC in Latin America.

First VC in Latin America.

April 19, 2018 8:07 am,

 Latin America got its first ICO based Cryptocurrency named as Mango Start-ups. It is the first decentralized fund for the country. The reason behind choosing Latin America is that there is high growth potential, internet penetration rates, financial attractiveness, business environment and very talented entrepreneurs. The fund will use the blockchain to allow providers of financial support for ventures to make early-stage investments in pioneering tech startup companies which are in the growth stage.

The fund enables investments in a diversified portfolio of up to 24 tech startups from different countries in Latin America like Solar, AR, Clean energy, SAS etc. the objective is to offer transparency and liquidity as well as a clear exit strategy for the investors.

This initiative firstly facilitates investors to get information and exposure about a diversified portfolio of high potential start-ups and secondly, this also helps to add value to different start-ups and investors through best coaching and due diligence methodology.

It is the new way of initiating capital investment. The investment is up to 75000 to 125000 dollars for each new project and in return, there is 8 to 12% of company’s equity.

For the start-up company to fall under the category of investments are:-

  • Start-ups should be graduated from a renowned accelerator program (only 85 acceptance)
  • Have already established customer bases.
  • Provide a service or product with high growth /scalable potential.

This Mango Token will be available in secondary exchange. Anyone can buy or sell them at any point in time.

The outstanding profit of any start-up company will get redistributed to all token holders through coin airdrops this is called as Bonus Token.

If anyone wants to exit, mango start-ups will transfer the value directly to investors through a token buyback mechanism. This facility helps to exit with assured earnings at any point in time.

The difference between a traditional Virtual Currency and ICO is that it provide with instant liquidity for investors.